ALLINONE.VOYAGE | GO-Booking Softwares
is a web software to create and manage websites for hotels, Cars rental agencies, Tours operators and OTA...

GO-Booking Softwares, is an All-In-One booking system solution for your company website including: Go-Hotels software, Go-Cars software, Go-Tours software and Go-OTA software, developed by with over 13 years of experience in delivering a full spectrum of web development services to clients across the globe.

GO-Booking Softwares uses a Content Managment System which contains a simple, ergonomic and complete admin panel which allows you to manage easily the content of your website coupled with an easyly customizable template.
Specific modules: bookings, cars, tours,hotels, rooms, CMS, Blog, coupons, rates, currencies, extra services and facilities, taxes...
GO-Booking Softwares are fully responsive, so use it as well on your smartphone as on your computer.
Based on MySQL - PHP 4.x/5.x - HTML5 - CSS3 - Bootstrap 3.x

Created: 018 - Latest update: 20/07/2018 - By: Team

Thank you for purchasing our Software. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please contact us.

Data login to Admin Area:

URL: , , ,


Password: admin


Data login to Client Area

URL: , , ,


Password: login

Thank you so much!


This product provides an installation wizard:

Installation of our scripts is very simple, Just follow these steps below and kickstart your travel business:

Before you proceed to instalaltion. please make sure you have already linux based server with cpanel installed. 

Step 1. Download compressed file
Download the latest version of the script you want to install (Go-Hotels software, Go-Cars software, Go-Tours software, Go-OTA software ) in your computer.

Step 2. Upload the downloaded archive
Upload content of this folder (Including all files and subdirectories) to your public_html/ of your FTP, cpanel or any of your hosting panels.

Step 3. Create database
Using your hosting Control Panel, phpMyAdmin or another tool, create your database and user, and assign that user to the database. Write down the name of the database, username, and password for the site installation procedure.

Step 4. Edit database.php file
Replace the lines bellow with your database informations you just created:

    'username' => "Add your database username here",
    'password' => "Add your database password here",
    'database' => "Add your database name here",

Step 5. Setting up access permissions
To setup permissions write 755 or 777 to folder ( Uploads ) and file ) database.php ).
If you're running this script on Apache with a web hosting company you have mod_rewrite already enabled in most of cases. How to enable mod_rewrite on your localhost read here:

Step 6. Running installation process
Now you can start installation process by typing your domain name ’/install’ e.x
Following the instructions you will be required to enter a few details which are as follows: Database host, Database name, Username and password, beside these things you will be providing another username and password for the ‘Admin’ account to access administration area of your site.

Step 7. Deleting installation files
After when you have successfully installed this software, Delete the ( install ) directory located on root of your website to avoid any security issues.

Congratulations, You have successfully installed your software!

Hotel Management

01. Go to Admin > Hotels > Hotels.
02. Select the hotel you want to edit.
03. Fill in all the informations about your hotel ( Hotel name, Description, Type, Stars, Location, Tax values, meals informations, price discounts for children, facilities, metas informations for SEO, policy, contact informations... )

Add Hotel photo gallery

To add a room photos go to Admin > Hotels > Hotels in the grid's column "Gallery" click on "Upload()" and upload your photos.

Rooms Management

01. Go to Admin > Hotels > Rooms.
02. To add a new room click "you want to edit"the green "Add" button.
03. Fill in all the informations about room ( Room Type, Description, Default Price, Pensions included in the price, Price per day, Availability of the room per day, Quantity, Max adults in the room, Max children in the room, No. of Extra Beds, Extra Bed Charges, amenities, translation... )

Add Rooms Types

To add a room go to Admin > Hotels > Rooms Types click the green "+ Add" button insert the room name and status and save. Now you can affect this room type to your rooms in Admin > Hotels > Rooms

Add Rooms Photos

To add a room photos go to Admin > Hotels > Rooms in the grid column "Gallery" click on "Upload()" corresponding to the room you want to add photos to.

Add prices / availabilities
When you add a room in the admin panel, you define a default price, but this price is not used to check availabilities. You need to add prices to the calendar and quantity available per day
Add prices
  1. The click on "+ Add prices to the calendar" will open a pop-up window with a calendar.
  2. Choose room prices per day of the year in the schedule, you can apply a price to a day, a month, or several days and months. Days whose price is not specified will automatically take the fixed price.
  3. Fill in the "Customer Prices" field with the value you want and the "color" field with a color of your choice ( this will help you distinguish prices on the calendar )
  4. Now select the days or month you want to add the prices to on clicking them.
  5. Click "+ Add prices to the calendar". You will see that the selected dates took the price and color you choose
  6. Now click "Save prices" and you are done!
You can always reset the prices to the default value by selecting all or few dates and click the "Reset prices" button then saving.
Add availabilities
Managing availabilities uses the same steps to managing prices on the calendar.
Choose the number of rooms available per day of the year in the following calendar, click on a day, a month, or several days and months. Days whose available quantity is not specified will use the default quantity of rooms.

Manage Reviews

Go to Admin > Hotels > Reviews.
All the reviews are listed in this page, you can approve, edit or discard reviews added by your clients.

More hotels and rooms settings

Go to Admin > Hotels > Hotels Settings.
You can manage more settings in this page such as hotel types, hotel amenities and rooms amenities...
Fill in all the informations you want to add and save.


To upgrade your current web application to latest version please follow below steps : 

01.login to your website admin area Admin > Updates.

02. Install the latest update available.

You are done!

you can also download the old updates files to see the already changed files in the previous versions.

Language Management

Languages Folder
All languages files are stored in the ( Application/language/ ) sub-folders.

Default Languages
We have added some default languages which comes with the software when you install and they can be edited / modified.

Adding a New Language

You can easily create your own language for your website using this script, just follow these steps below:

  1. After when you have logged into your hosting cpanel, Go to 'File manager' and click 'Public_html'
  2. Click 'application' and find 'language' option
  3. After getting into 'language' option create a new folder (from the top left) containing your language name [ use country code instead of full name e.x ( English ) should be like ( en ) ]
  4. Now go to default 'en' english language folder and  Copy these two files to your newly created folder 1. ( front_lang.php ) and 2. ( name.txt )
  5. Go to your newly created folder and edit these 2 copied files ( front_lang.php ) and  ( name.txt )
  6. Replace all english words with your language words in file 1. front_lang.php , and edit file 2. name.txt  now if your language supports RTL then change LTR to RTL final results of the file should be like ( EN,LTR ) seperated by coma
  7. Optional : if your theme supports flag icon then follow these instructions below: 
    Copy your flag icon to path ( uploads/images/language/en.png ) Note : the icon image name should be same as your language name like ( en.png )

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways can be configured in General > Payment Gateways. Each gateway has their own specific API requirements in order to process transactions so they will vary from gateway to gateway. However, all gateways have 3 core options:

  • Show on Order Form - Checking this box will mean it can be shown on the order form as an option - subject to product group gateway restrictions
  • Visible Name - The name that is used for this gateway throughout the system and to clients (eg. gateway can be, visible name might be Credit Card)
  • Convert To For Processing - This option is for when using multiple currencies. It is possible that not every gateway you use will accept all the currencies you offer on your site and so for those that don't, you can choose a currency here for Go-Booking Software to convert to before sending to them. For example if using Google Checkout with a UK account but offering prices in GBP & USD, you would need to select GBP in the Convert To box. This will use the rates set in Config > Currencies to do the conversion which can be set to auto update daily.

Configuration of CMI :

Add the CMI Key in the file callb_3300187e.php.

    $storeKey = "Insert Your Secret Key Here";
you need to insert the Secret key and the Store Id of your CMI as well in the file application/modules/Gateways/CMI.php

    $SLKSecretkey = "Insert Your Secret Key Here";
    $storeId = 'Insert Your Store Id Here';

Deactivating Gateway Modules

Should you no longer wish to use a particular payment gateway clicking the red (Deactivate) link beside the name will gracefully remove the gateway from the system. This will prevent any further payments being made using this gateway and automatically reassign any other assigned to that payment method to another option. Upon clicking the deactivate link, a popup window will appear prompting for the selection of the alternative payment gateway to which any currently assigned items should be changed to.

Common Errors

No input file specified.

if you encounter this Error in your admin panel, please Follow this below procedure.

goto .htaccess file in your public_html where you installed the product. and add following lines to it.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^system.*
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [L]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^application.*
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [L]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [L]

now save it, go to your admin panel again and refresh your page.

Orders / Bookings

Here you can check bookings at your online portal and you may edit them as well if required.

How to cancel bookings ?
After when you have logged into your admin panel
01. Go to ‘Bookings’ in the left sidebar
02. Select a booking you want to Delete
03. Click ‘Delete Selected’ to complet the action


How to change admin username password?
After when you have logged into admin panel
01. Click ‘My profile’ from the dropdown menu at the top right of your screen
02. Replace old password with your new password
03. Click submit to save changes

How to add multiple admins ?
Just follow the instructions below to add or del admin accounts:
Login to your admin panel, click ‘Accounts’ in the left sidebar and tap ‘Admins’
Here you can add or Delete accounts for admin.

How to Manage Suppliers? (Only for OTA Booking Software)
01. (After when they have successfully registered) log into your admin account and find ‘Accounts’ option in the left sidebar.
02. Tap Suppliers and edit the supplier account you want to set up.
03. Change its status from Disable to Enable
04. Then look into Supplier details (E.x; Supplier for Hotel and Hotel name is Hotel Max).
05. Now add it's required Hotel/Cars/Tours option.For example it's an hotel request then we need to go into hotels option and click hotels.

06. Add a new hotel by filling in information provided by the supplier and submit.
07. Get back to accounts option and assign a hotel by editing it's account.
08. After when required hotel is created and assigned you need to give that account access,most probably you will let them just edit their hotel/cars/tours.

09. Click Hotels/Cars/Tours as required in the edit section.
10. Send verification details and submit at the end of the page, supplier would receive an email consisting username and password.
You have successfully made and supplier’s account.

Note: Graphics below show you options such as ‘Adding’ / ‘Deleting’ / ‘Editing’ suppliers account, You can also see in the small circles that accounts are active or not.

Customers Management
Want your registration option for your customers ? , Yes you have made right decision to choose Go-Booking Software as your business partner. Our Booking engine your customers can register and their accounts would be automatically approved but if you to keep check on this you can simply put a barrier by making their accounts approved by admins. You can Edit/Delete customers accounts as shown in the graphics.

Guest Management
Customers can login as guest as well, this option lets your customers save time and check your market offerings.

Background Slider

To add edit or remove your slides please follow this 

01. login to your admin panel 
02. from left sidebar click on general and select slider 
03. from slider management page you can modify or delete any slides you like. 


‘Offers Management’ area here you can manually add offers which you think your potential customers might be searching for, adding such locations would assist your users. You may add,delete or edit current offers as well.

How to manage offers ?
After when you have Logged into your admin pane

  • Click ‘Offers’ in the left sidebar and go to ‘Offers settings’

Here you can manage offers section.


How to add new Offers ?
After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01.Click ‘Offers’ in the left sidebar and go to ‘Manage offers’
02.Click ‘Add’ button at the top right in ‘Offers Management’ area
03.Fill in the information required
04.Click submit at the end to complete the action


We do have options when it comes to managing content on your site, which can be accessed through admin panel.
01. Login to your admin panel
02. Click ‘CMS’ in the left sidebar
There will be two options in the dropdown menu as listed below:


How to Add and Manage pages in GO-booking Software ?
After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01. Click ‘CMS’ in the left sidebar and Go to pages
02. Click ‘Add’
03.Fill out the information which is spotted as boxes in the graphics below
04.Step 4 can be used only if you want to Edit or Delete existing pages

How To Create Menu ?
After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01.Click ‘CMS’ in the left sidebar and Go to ‘Menu’
02.Click ‘Create Menu’ from the top right
03.Fill in the information required and click save by scrolling down.
04.Copy ‘Menu ‘i.d’ of newly created menu, which you can see in the graphics below for ‘header’, and paste that ‘i.d’ in the code (wherever you want to place it) .

How to add page in the menu ?
After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01.Click ‘CMS’ in the left sidebar
02.Go to ‘Menu’
03.Select menu in which you want to add that page from the dropdown menu
04.Select required page
05.Add to menu
That’s it, for further assistance you can find graphics below.


Here you can publish content regarding your travel business, which don’t require any programming skills just simply read user manual section below to start publishing.

How to create a new blog post ?
After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01. Click ‘Blog’ in the left sidebar
02. Selecting ‘Add’ button, you will be faced with a page containing blog post section where you can publish content which you would like to share with your users.

How to add categories in blog ?
After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01. Click ‘Blog’ in the left sidebar
02. Go to ‘Blog Categories’
03. Here you can add/edit and delete existing categories

Blog settings
After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01. Click ‘Blog’ in the left sidebar
02. Go to ‘Blog settings’


To add any widget to your website please follow steps. 

01. login to your admin panel 
02. click on general and go to widget from menu 
03. click on Add in order to add a new widget
04. type or paste your HTML code 
05. click on Add from bottom of the page
06. now it will take you back to widgets listing page where you can see your widgets code in following format:

<?php echo run_widget(<any integer number>); ?>

07. copy your widget code and paste into any page by editing 

that's all.


‘Coupon codes management’ area here you can design your discount offers by offering coupons to your potential customers.

How to add new coupons ?
After when you have logged into your admin panel select ‘Add’ button at the top right in ‘coupon codes management’ area and then follow these simple steps:
01. Fill in coupon details
02. select module in which you want to offer discounts
03. Generate coupon code and share it with your potential clients
04. Click submit to complete this action

Social connections

Social connections management

Social media is the backbone of any business and for that Go-Booking Softwares is very responsive when it comes to linking up with social sites. Social connection option in the general portal shows details about your business social media accounts where you can add and edit accounts. Just follow the process written below:

  • Login to your admin panel

  • Go to general option in left sidebar

  • Click Social connections

which will take you to social connections management portal. Here you can simply add/delete and edit  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+ accounts.


Newsletters are very important, In this script managing newsletter is very simple just read the instructions carefully.

How to send a Newsletter ?
After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01. Go to ‘Newsletter’ in the left sidebar
02. Click ‘Send Newsletter’ button
03. Select to whom you want to send newsletter from the dropdown menu
04. Add a ‘Subject’
05. Create content here
06. Send to complete the action

Manage Tours

Add a Tour

01. Go to Admin > Tours > Add
02. fill in the fields with your tour informations (Tour Name, Description, Starting dates, Total days and nights, Tour type, Equipment to plan, Locations, Inclusions, Meta info for SEO, Policy, Contact informations, Translations...)

Edit a Tour

01. Go to Admin > Tours > Tours
02. Find the tour you want to edit by going through the list pages or using the quick search tool
03. Click on the tour title or the "edit" icon
04. Start editing
05. Save changes

Manage Tour Extras

01. Go to Admin > Tours > Add
02. Add an extra or edit an already existing one

Manage Tour Reviews

01. Go to Admin > Tours > Reviews.
01. All the reviews are listed in this page, you can approve, edit or discard reviews added by your clients.

Manage Tours Parameters

01. Go to Admin > Tours > Settings.
02. You can manage more settings in this page such as tour types, tour inclusions, featured tours parameters...
Fill in all the informations you want to add and save.

To obtain your license please follow simple steps 
01. Go to
02. Choose the software you want to purchase (Go-Hotels software, Go-Cars software, Go-Tours software or Go-OTA software )
03. Click on continue 
04. Choose a domaine name or choose "I will install on my existing domain" if you already have a domain name
05. Click on continue 
06. Fill in your informations on the form to create an account or get connected if you already have one 
07. Your license will be send to you via e-mail, so please do check your inbox  

if there was any trouble with your license key please do contact us or open a support 
ticket at

After when you have got SSL installed by your hosting company, Just follow the steps below to ensure that SSL is working fine with our script: 
01. Login to your hosting cpanel 
02. Go to public_html or root of your website 
03. Edit the file .htaccess and replace the existing code with code below:

RewriteEngine on
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresDefault A2592000
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^.*$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]
RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|images|public|assets|uploads|themes|install|updates|asset|mob|robots\.txt)
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [QSA,L]

Note: This configuration only work with linux based servers, For windows or other operating systems you need to contact your hosting provider.

Here you can manually add cars following a very simple process. Our software comes with variety of options, you can easily edit/update or even delete existing cars.

How to add new Cars?

After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01. Click ‘Cars’ in the left sidebar and select cars from the dropdown menu
02. Click ‘Add’ button at the top right in ‘Cars Management’ area
03. Fill out various options from the ‘General’ Tab
04. Fill out ‘Meta Info’ from the second tab
05. You can decide your, Payment options and Policy from the ‘Policy’ tab
06. Don’t forget to ‘Submit’ at the end of the page to complete the action

Extras Management

After when you have Logged into your admin panel
01. Click ‘Cars’ in the left sidebar and select ‘Extras’ from the dropdown menu
02. Click ‘Add’ button at the top right in ‘Extras Management’ area
03. Fill in the required information and submit

Cars settings

After when you have Logged into your admin panel
Click ‘Cars’ in the left sidebar and select ‘Cars settings’ from the dropdown menu
Here you can decide on some basic settings in cars module, which are very important in order to create better experience for your visitors.

Transfer cities

After when you have Logged into your admin panel

01. Click ‘General’ in the left sidebar and select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu
02. Choose ‘Transfer cities’ on the top menu
03. Select the country your agency is operating in
04. Give a value to "Price per Km" field
05. Click ‘Enable / Disable cities’ button and choose the cities you want
06. Update the Km and Price of the cities
07. wait until kilometers and transfer prices are successfully updated and refresh the page
08. Show combinations by going through the cities, you just enabled, from the select box
09. Edit kilometers or prices to your desired combinations and submit